Acid Attack Fighters Pose As 'Calendar Girls' To Redefine Beauty


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Dreams of Acid Attack Fighters

The idea behind the calendar shoot by Acid Attack fighters emerged from the debate on the true meaning of beauty and the present attitude of the society towards understanding the concept of beauty in a limited realm. We stand against all those who discriminate and misjudge those who have lost their faces but have strived to retain their identities.

In a society as insensitive as ours, it doesn't take much for the acid attack victims to lose their self-confidence. The apathy of the attackers give birth to the acid attack. The apathy of relatives, 'friends' and neighbours generates burns everyday. The calendar shoot aids the society to broaden the interpretation of beauty.

Inner beauty is quintessential beauty. hence we have decided to preserve it in an art form. this calendar launch with an idea to to showcase our Fighter's dream emerged as a workable idea to us. we present you our work for your consideration and reconsideration.

Similar to our previous photo shool of acid attack survivors modeling for another survivor Rupa's dress designs, we have planned to launch this calendar shoot on social media. We are planning to reach out to 100 million people across the globe to make them a part of this celebration in which we define and redefine beauty. This calendar is one of its kind. People whom we consider ugly have emerged as the faces who love themselves and spread love and positivity.

Funds raised by the sale of the calendar will be used in the rehabilitation and betterment of the acid attack survivors in India. Help us by spreading the word by sharing this project with your friends and well wishers

Bello | Price 2000 INR / 35 USD

Women Day Calendar starts from Mar 8

International Women's Day is annually held on March 8 to celebrate women's achievements throughout history and across nations. It is also known as the United Nations (UN) Day for Women's Rights and International Peace. To go ahead with this idea of celebrating Womanhood we decided to launch a calendar starting from Mar 8. International Women Day is also our foundation day.

In some countries school children bring gifts to their female teachers and women receive small presents from friends or family members. Many workplaces make a special mention about International Women's Day through internal newsletters or notices, or by handing out promotional material focusing on the day. Our Women Day Calendar is also one such initiative to remember Women Day in our lives. Thank your for your participation in our calendar launch event.

Pay as you wish

Immediately after launching our Women’s Day Calendar we realized that there are many friends who like this idea of the Bello: a calendar where survivors of acid violence are our models. There were many who could not get a calendar because it was a little costly for them. There were many who liked the idea and donated more than the given amount in our other crowd funding projects. Here it comes the idea of Pay As You Wish to involve everyone in the campaign against acid violence in India. You can pay any amount (not less than 400 rupees) and get a calendar for your table.

If you want to get a copy of Bello and wish to pay more or less than the decided price, here is the link

The funds raised by the sale of this calendar will be used in the rehabilitation of acid attack survivors.


Meet the volunteers who made our dreams a reality. Special thanks to Rahul for helping us to remember our 'family' reunion.Your pictures captured our personalities perfectly!

Rahul Saharan

Rahul is a film-maker, photographer and volunteer with Stop Acid Attacks.

When Delhi-based photographer Rahul Saharan found out about acid attack survivors and their aspirations, he decided to help Stop Acid Attacks campaign by organising a fashion shoot of her designs. Earlier, the shoot of Rupa’s designs was done without any models.

Rahul Saharan is now chronicling their moving life stories in a new documentary film

Pascal Mannaerts

Pascal was born in Brussels in 1978. He studied law at the Free University of Brussels and is currently working with asylum seekers in Belgium. Blessed with an artistic bent and wanderlust, he discovered photography during his student years. Sharing and recording his travel adventures became a priority.

Curiosity and a passion for images have been fused with a profound attraction to the human element.


Surabhi is a free soul, always seeking beauty in world. She perfectly describes word wanderlust in her way of life.Which is why she chose to be a photographer. She have done numerous projects for various clients such as Gujarat Tourism, Cadbury 5 star, and etc.

Idea was create images which can mesmerize viewer but the same time it should be mirror for their ugly act and thought.